Team GoQLES wishes you a happy, prosperous, hassle free-cashless new year!

As the calendar flips the year, new aspirations and resolutions set in to explore opportunities and possibilities to make good, better and the better, the best.

For sure, 3 things which are going to penetrate the lives of every Indian: Cashless Economy, Digitisation and 4G Networks. Well, the GoQLES team had already envisioned this a year back when it started to develop innovative solutions to make payments painless.

Two months back the country came to a standstill when the leader of the country introduced the mandate to go Cashless, making payments digitally. And we are glad that his thoughts resonated with our vision. Following the speech and the subsequent wave of announcements to curb lump sum cash withdrawals and payments, households have exploited all possible means to divert payments from cash-based to web or mobile-based.

Money, however large or small, doesn’t exchange hands anymore - it changes accounts over bank networks through data networks.

While many have indeed transitioned to paying online, from groceries to travel, not all payments have been taken online yet.

As the young population grows, schools and tuition centres have spawned across the country and thus demand for effectively managing fee payments. While the quality differs across an entire spectrum of experience, stream and language, the mode of payment remains just the same - all in cash, cheque or in a few locations a mix of both.

One of the key initiatives by GoQLES has been to remodify the fee payment in the education sector. Once again, our idea was supported by CBSE when it asked its schools to adopt the digital payment world. As one of the pioneers in this evolving tradition, GoQLES aims to revolutionise the education domain with its unique fee payment - management and analytics solution.

GoQLES has been bringing parents and institutions closer, making payments hassle-free, and adding time for good memories.

How do we do this and plan to excel further? Catch our simple and intuitive process of Payments and Information Management in the upcoming articles.

“Avoid Queues, Save More” with GoQLES!

Create Happy Experiences!