For Parents

For Institutes

Go digital

Make INDIA cashless - No need to manage cash, invoices. Remove process inefficiencies and save costs

Complete Payment solution

All payment methods supported; send payment alerts/reminders; easy account reconciliation and reporting for schools


Android platform compatible, 24/7 customer support, cloud storage, data

GoQLES for Parents

Save travel time and waiting time - eliminate queues

Get all fee invoices at a single place; ease of administration for tax purposes

Pay from your home using any payment system - netbanking, credit/debit cards, UPI, wallet

Pay fees for other school related activities; single account to pay fees for multiple children

Receive payment alerts and important school notifications, no more late fee payments

Guaranteed data security, risk free transactions

GoQLES for Institutes

Quick setup; easy to integrate with existing school payment systems

Ease of payment reconciliation; offline payments supported

Generate invoices with a click; send payment reminders over sms

Get smart dashboards for management; track real-time payments

Broadcast school updates to parents over the app

Track other extra-curricular activity payments (meals, transport, etc.)

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Time is Money

“Queues” are present everywhere and act as a major hindrance leading to inefficient processes and systems and lesser productivity. We at GoQLES (derived from the words QUEUE and LESS) want to make a difference in the lives of parents and students to create happier experiences. We are a cloud based technology platform that helps educational institutions go digital and streamline their end-to-end payment solution.

GoQLES allows you to transfer money to your educational institute from the comforts of your home. Transfer money anytime, anywhere using the payment method of your choice - Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card or UPI.

Less waiting time → Convenient transactions → Satisfied Customers → Improved Productivity → Cost Savings for everyone.

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